Max Assumes NATA Presidency

By Staff

Athletic Management, 12.6, Oct/Nov 2000,

The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) has elected a female to be president of its organization for the first time in its history. Julie Max, Head Athletic Trainer at California State University-Fullerton, was elected by her peers to the presidency of NATA at the organization’s 51st annual meeting this past June. Max realizes that her historic position may bring a lot of attention to her performance.
“I think anytime you are first, some pressure is inevitable,” Max said in a press release. “But being the first female president is not something I focus on, and it’s not what I want my presidency to be about. My time as president, to me, is about doing all I can to be a visionary, to look into the future and see what we need to accomplish and how we can best do that.”
The NATA is in the process of making changes to its accreditation process and continues the fight to get athletic trainers certified as health professionals in each of the 50 states. Max will captain the organization through the ongoing transition.
“Julie has such an extensive history of involvement with the profession at all levels that she has already made an impact, certainly in her district and also nationally,” NATA Executive Director Eve Becker-Doyle said, adding that Max served on the NATA Board of Directors from 1990-96, was Vice President during 1991-92, and has served on a number of committees. “I think her leadership speaks for itself.”
John Easterbrook, Athletic Director at Cal State Fullerton, thinks the NATA made an excellent choice. “It’s a tribute to Julie’s dedication to the profession,” says Easterbrook. “The fact that her peers elected her president is a great tribute to her and our staff here.
“She’s on top of all the athletic training issues,” Easterbrook continues. “She manages over 300 athletes in our program, and she does an excellent job.”