By Staff

Athletic Management, 16.5, August/September 2004,

In February, the Kansas University Athletic Corporation
(KUAC) voted to change its governing structure, replacing its 24-member board of directors with a five-member board of directors and a 23-member Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Intercollegiate Athletics. Two months later, with the support of Athletic Director Lew Perkins, the KUAC added the student body president to the board, bringing the new board of directors to six voting members, including five university employees.

We wanted to address the issue of institutional control, in line with the principles of the NCAA,” says Jim Marchiony, Associate Athletics Director for External Affairs at the University of Kansas. “At the same time, our philosophy was to make sure that a lot of voices would continue to be heard and considered.”

The athletic department was concerned that the old structure had grown unwieldy, that its bylaws included both advisory and policy-making functions, and that the presence of alumni who were not employed by the university demonstrated a lack of institutional control.

“Because the KUAC is a separate 501(c)(3) corporation, we felt it was very important for the university to establish and maintain institutional control,” says Theresa Klinkenberg, Chief Financial Officer for the University of Kansas. “This board of directors oversees the business affairs and management of the corporation, and ultimately reports to the chancellor, who can override any decision the board makes.”

Effective June 10, the new board of directors consists of six members: the director of athletics, acting as chair; the vice provost for student success; the university’s chief financial officer; a senior university administrator appointed by the provost; a faculty representative appointed by the chancellor; and the student body president. The advisory committee includes the six members of the board of directors plus six faculty representatives, five alumni representatives, three student-athletes, the senior women’s athletics administrator, one representative of the KU Medical Center, and the treasurer of the student senate.